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How to kill a lobster

Cooking Lobster: How to eat a lobster.

How to crack a lobster:

Step 1. Twist off both claws and attatched knuckles.

Step 2. Crack both claws and knuckles with a cracker or the back side (not the sharp side) of a chef's knife.

Step 3. Twist off the moveable part of the claw and peel away claw pieces to get to the claw meat.

Step 4. Twist the tail off of the body.

Step 5. Pick off each tail flipper and pinch the meat out.

Step 6. Insert fork into tail opening on the underside about an inch and twist and pull fork with one hand while holding tail in the other. The whole piece of tail meat should pop out.

Step 7. Turn the lobster body over and with a knife or pair of kitchen shears cut open between the walking legs. There are two pockets of meat underneath on each side.

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