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How to kill a lobster

Cooking Lobster: Grilled or Baked Lobster

Step 1.
Click here for details on how to kill a live lobster

Step 2.
  • Turn the lobster the other way and cut the tail in the same fashion as killing the lobster.

  • Along the center of the lobster are three kinds of viscera, the dark green are the stomach and intestine that should be scraped out and discarded, and the yellow-green and coral are the liver, or tomalley, and the roe, which are both delicious and can be left in.

  • Remove the claws, and crack them with the back side (not the sharp side) of the knife. I prefer to do this inside a plastic bag to minimize the mess.

To grill the lobster

  • Place the claws still encased in the cracked shell on the hotter part of the grates.

  • Salt and pepper the inside open half of the lobster and grill it 2-3 minutes

  • turn over the body and the claws and grill for another 4 minutes.

  • If the flame flares up, move the lobster to a cooler part of the grill, or move it until the flame calms down.

To bake or broil a lobster

  • Prepare in the same manner as above and, for broiling, place the lobster at least eight inches from the flame in a shallow fry or saute pan and begin with the cut side down for 3-4 minutes.

  • When the shell has turned bright red, turn and reapply butter and finish for another 3 minutes.

  • Be sure to check for doneness, as broiler temperatures vary. Use the same method in the oven at 425 degrees.

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